Hello, my name is Jim and I have a story to tell. Well, in all honesty, I have several stories that I would like to share with you. Some are anecdotal and some are more formal as they are supported by empirical evidence as well as the scrutiny of peer review others will surely be based wholly in experience. I have found that as a person and learner that in many cases the experiences are more important than the evidence that has been found to support or to negate it.

Experience tends to be both unique and universal as we all work from a different theoretical as well as practical framework each set providing a differing lens in which the regiment of life is observed as well as navigated.
We are all consumers and as such we must decide not only what but how much information that we absorb.

My personal decisions in this matter were likely made earlier than I could tell as my life’s reflections are as much a continuation of a small sample experimental as they are chapters in my life’s book. The hope is that our relationship, I writer and you consumer of that writing, is one of reciprocity as I have chosen to open the door to my life , my mind, and my works and that from you I am rewarded with the space and the audience that I obviously desire.

A space influenced not only by the day to day course of life but also the spirit of those transitions that provide us with the turmoil and turbulence that makes our lives less predicated by the norm. Hopefully this space will grow to be transformative learning opportunities that can manifest themselves in varying and often contrasting manners, precipitated by a confluence of precedent and novelty, normalcy and the disconnect.

Mindful of the Mariachi band that is my mind, a connected group of starkly different personalities, styles and characteristics joined together to create a cohesive, yet disjointed, melody wrought with fear, strife, pain relief love and joy. A personal festival motivated by the dissonance to be Woodstock and Summer Jam expressed through the written word and the public note taking of new media. This is the corner, the convergence of angles. The key to the masonry that builds our structure starting from our foundation are those very angles that often go unseen yet are able to so quickly change so much with a slight shift.

In the end it comes down to a working class kid growing up and coming home with the realization that even as he and the lands that he calls home have changed fundamentally the foundation, thus the angles have only shifted slightly. These words represent my connection and commitment to citizen journalism and the building of community through not only reactive discussion but through “proactivism” while working to find big ideas and simple solutions that lead to a negotiated progress with understood disagreement.

Societal revelation is spurred by ethnocentric as well as egocentric dissolution and acceptance rather than tolerance. This space is an attempt to positively change the narrative as it relates to our current intellectual recession. We must be the change.